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Saturday, February 16, 2019
Since the publication of the story about DISD employee Nicki Ames’ arrest for Assault: Causing Bodily Damage, I’ve received emails encouraging me “to get a life”, advising me to “mind my own business” and observing that I must be...
Let’s clear the air. I’ve heard there are concerns that the Moore County Journal could have an agenda to be controversial. That concern surprised me, but during a conversation with a community leader, it occurred to me that the way...
Above: Some of my Dallas Voice c0-workers and me at Black Tie in Dallas in 2013. I've never made it a secret that I was the senior editor of one of the nation's largest LGBT news and lifestyle magazines. During...
Ya viene nuestro 4th. of July, nuestro día de la Independencia, nuestro 16 de Septiembre.  El día que empezó la lucha por ser un país libre y soberano. Pero ¿Que que paso en aquel día? que por cierto es...
Two years ago, I called the Dumas Fire Department to ask for the health inspections of the restaurants and other businesses that sell prepared food in the city. The inspections are public record, and many newspapers print them. I’ve...
I was built by people who didn’t have an understanding of human architecture. For too many years, I was left to cobble myself together as best I could on a foundation that couldn’t support a lean-to, much less a...
I sometimes play background music when I’m writing, and the genres that beckon the muses are an eclectic mix. Patsy Cline might be lamenting her sweet dreams or it could be Beyonce’s bold calls for female empowerment. My play...
People who have minimal business with city government don’t understand what requests for qualifications, requests for proposals or the Professional Service Procurement Act mean or why they should care about them, so let’s talk about it. The Journal recently reported...
For decades now, Texas has maintained a complex, strong and even subtle relationship with its biggest and most important neighbor, Mexico. Until now, that is. Quite suddenly, with the tea party holding the reins of power in Austin, Texas is...
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